Denim Chef Aprons

Denim Chef Aprons

Denim Chef Aprons

Top Quality and Stylish Denim Chef Aprons

Our denim chef aprons are ideal for your kitchen, café, restaurant or bar staff. You will look professional and stylish as you serve your customers while protecting your clothes from stains and spills. We provide top quality denim aprons at reasonable prices, and we have a variety of different styles so you can select the one that best suits your need.

The Importance of a Denim Bib Apron

There are several important reasons why you should wear a full-length apron in the workplace:

  • You will protect your clothing from spills and stains: Often a few people are working in a busy restaurant kitchen or café, so even though you may take care not to get your clothes dirty, accidents do happen. Our bib aprons are ideal for protecting the front of your clothing from food and liquid splashes that may leave nasty stains. This damage may result in you needing to spend money on replacements.
  • You reduce the need to wash your clothes often: Our aprons will provide a protective layer over your clothes and eliminate the need to add them to the laundry too often due to one small dirty area. Washing any item of clothing more often than necessary can also lead to fading or ruining fabrics.
  • Your staff will look professional and be easy to identify: You can select to have the same apron design for every staff member, which is an ideal method of making them easily identifiable in the workplace. We have embroidery services that you can use to brand your logo or name onto your aprons and further set your staff apart. Alternatively, you can select denim aprons for one area of your restaurant, such as the kitchen or head chef. Our darker colours are ideal for employees who work with meat and vegetables as it makes stains less visible.

Benefits of a Denim Barista Apron

Our denim aprons have more benefits than just looking stylish.

  • It is a wearable dish towel: Our aprons are ideal for you to wipe your hands on when you are in a rush. They are conveniently tied around your waist and are a better option for drying your hands rather than your clothes.
  • Your tools or utensils can be stored in pockets: The big front pocket on our waist apron is a perfect spot for keeping your pad and paper handy when taking customer orders in a café. You can also securely place utensils or other tools of your trade here so they are ready when you need them and you can keep your hands free.
  • Reduces skin allergies: Cleaning your hands immediately on your apron prevents you from touching your face with soiled fingertips. You cannot always rush to the sink and wash your hands when working in a kitchen, so a handy apron will help you to clean off food juices before touching other surfaces or your face.

Why is Our Denim Waist Apron Cost-Effective?

Our denim aprons are made from 100% heavy duty cotton denim with double stitched ties. We ensure that our aprons are manufactured to the highest quality so they can stand up to the demand of a busy workplace and constant use. Contact us today to place your order – we are keen to be of service.

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